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Covid Health and Safety Policy

-  Moderate spacing and open air will be the key strategy for reducing covid spread

-  Children will not be required to wear masks unless in close quarters with others. Please have a mask in their bag for those times.

-  Staff will wear masks when in close proximity to children, ie. applying medical care, assisting with a craft, etc

-   Hand washing and basic personal hygiene will be applied at meal times and other appropriate times

-   There will be no sharing of food unless prepared and distributed by staff

-   If a child or staff member has a direct exposure to covid, they should:

       1. If they are vaccinated or have covid anti-bodies they can come to class but wear a               mask until they receive a negative covid test to confirm status after day 3-5 of exposure

        2. If they have not been vaccinated or have covid anti-bodies, they should not attend              class until they receive a negative covid test after day 3-5 of exposure.

-   Anyone with covid or covid-like symptoms should not come to class until receiving a negative covid test.

-   By showing up to class, all parents and staff are attesting to the fact that they or their children have not had any sustained symptoms such as: fever, sore throat, headache, loss of taste /smell, fatigue, cough, nausea or diarrhea over the last 48 hours.

-   If a child starts feeling ill during class, the parent will be called for pick up

-   If a student tests positive for covid soon after being in class, all families will be notified.


Tamakoce Wilderness Programs follows reccomendations of the CDC for covid safety. Please check CDC guidelines for the most recent updates.


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